Photo By Virginia Harold


Brothers Lazaroff is a six-piece rock ’n roll band led by the songwriting/producing team of brothers Jeff and David Lazaroff.  Once a long-distance collaboration between Austin, TX and St. Louis, MO, the brothers have officially based out of the river city since 2009.  Along with drummer Grover Stewart, bassist Teddy Brookins, keyboardist Nate Carpenter and violinist/sound designer Mark Hochberg, Brothers Lazaroff is known for their genre-bending approach and wide-ranging stylistic collaborations.  

Roy Kasten of St. Louis’ KDHX says, "Brothers Lazaroff roam across styles — trippy rock, jazz, americana, reggae, funk — and accomplish an amazing feat: a kind of unification of disparate scenes in St. Louis.  They’ve worked with hip-hop groups such as Mathias and the Pirates and collaborated with soul-jazz maestros such as Lamar Harris.  Eclectic doesn’t even begin to describe the band’s unpredictable approach to rock music.”  While touring sporadically, Brothers Lazaroff focus on creating unique local events that promote experimentation and community.  

Daniel Hill, Music Editor at Riverfront Times notes, ”Since 2009, David and Jeff Lazaroff have been writing and releasing some of the most interesting and eclectic music in the city, pulling from a wide range of inspirations -- from americana to psych-rock to jazz to world music, and everything in between -- to consistently bring energetic and memorable sounds to the streets of St. Louis.   The aptly named Brothers Lazaroff have released six full-length efforts over the years, each well-received by critics and fans alike.”  

Following up their 2016 release “Dangerous Times” and 2015’s “Day and Night”, Brothers Lazaroff is ever-tinkering in the studio recording and finding ways to combine the message of their music with the ecstatic experience of live performance.